16. You met on a night out – or on Tinder

16. You met on a night out – or on Tinder

This is a clear sign that he’s not really looking to invest in a long-term relationship with you, and wants to just keep getting what he wants from your situation.

If he liked you, he would be open to talking about being exclusive – mainly because he’d hate the thought of you with another guy.

15. He avoids making plans.

He might find excuses to leave everything to the last minute, or regularly cancel on plans he made with you – especially if he finds out they’re with your friends!

If he liked you, he would be excited to make plans with you and be included in your life – and he would actively suggest fun things you can do together.

We know, we know – some amazing couples first met on Tinder! However, if you met your man on an app that’s known for facilitating hook-ups, he might have only been on there to find one.

Equally, if you met in a bar or had a one-night stand after a night out, that really might be all he was after.

Things might have continued on because he enjoys having sex with you, but it could also be a sign that he was never after anything more than casual, convenient sex.

17. He’s chatting to other women.

Maybe he doesn’t know the boundaries, or is keeping his options open because he doesn’t know where you stand or how you feel about him.

However, if he knows that you like him and want to see how things go, he’s being unfair by still pursuing other people.

If he liked you, he would make sure you know his true feelings for you! He wouldn’t need an ego-boost or another hook-up lined up.

18. He checks out other people.

Maybe he’s always looking at other girls while you’re out, or you hear him talking with his friends about how attractive another girl is nГіs mulheres vs francГЄs.

While it’s normal to find other people attractive despite being in a relationship, it’s unfair to vocalize these thoughts in a way that could make you feel uncomfortable.

If he liked you, he’d make sure you feel confident around him by reminding you what a wonderful woman you are.

19. You never have serious conversations.

If he avoids talking about serious topics and tries to laugh them off or brush them off, he’s probably not interested in things going anywhere real with you.

A guy who is just in it for sex tends to be reluctant to spend more time and energy on the girl he just wants to sleep with.

That means no cute date nights, no breakfast in bed snuggles and whispering sweet nothings, and no serious chats that require paying attention to you.

If he liked you, he’d be open to serious conversations and would be keen to ensure you know how important you are to him.

20. He’s annoyed if you don’t have sex.

This, sadly, is probably the biggest sign. If you feel like he’s resentful of hanging out with you without hooking up, he probably just wants sex and not a real relationship.

You might feel pressured into sleeping with him, or like he’ll only want to spend time with you if you have sex.

He might get irritated if you say you’re not in the mood, and you may feel like you’re wasting his time if you don’t put out.

If he liked you, he would be the perfect gentleman and show more respect for your feelings and just be happy to hang out – sex would be a bonus, not the only incentive.

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