Well, there is a popular saying that things happen for a reason

Well, there is a popular saying that things happen for a reason

4. OkCupid

OkCupid is one of the top-grossing apps in the world, it has grossed 30 million followers worldwide and more than 4.5 million messages are sent through this dating app every day, unlike other apps if you are looking to have a serious committed relationship done this app is just for you to find a perfect match all they ask you to is fill some simple questions which are relevant to your interest not only this, the app lets you find profiles based on your interests and preferences you have filled in like age, gender, region, sexuality, etc.

If you are tired of endlessly swiping through people’s profiles to find someone that fits your interest then OkCupid is the app you always wanted.

Just like Tinderokcupid also offers premium services that enable you to explore various features like unlimited likes, view more profiles and setting more detailed preferences.

5. Hinge

Hinge follows a different ideology to help you meet your perfect match, it operates by allowing users to find the match that they share mutual friends with, earlier to do so you had to have a Facebook account, thankfully you don’t have to do it anymore, now you can just simply join the app by using your phone number and add the necessary details like your photo as a profile picture and your bio so that people can get to know you better.

It is rapidly grabbing the attention of the millennials ad its operation is almost identical to Tinder only in the aspects of design and navigation.

On Hinge you don’t have to fill tedious details where you have to put fill up a list of your likes and dislikes after scratching your head, it just simply asks you some questions and all you have to do is give genuine answers and then the app itself will show you the profiles that match your answer.

The chances that you find the person who has shares the same interest as you are going to be pretty high all thank you Hinge.


Whether you believe it or not but this dating app is spreading its Wings in more than 190 countries and it is even more significant than the king of dating apps Tinder itself.


Just imagine how often do you cross paths with the love of your life before you happened to meet him or her? If you have found the love of your life and is the person you have already crossed paths with well Happn has a very unique way to make it happen.

Wouldn’t it be great that you can find the person who you used to admire a long time ago but previously didn’t have the confidence or an opportunity to confess your feelings to them, well those days are over buddy and if someone of your interest melhor site de encontros colombianos gratuito crosses your path in real life then this app will help you in appearing your profile in their timeline.

So instead of leaving your crush behind you can regain your confidence and twist the fate of chances and connect with them.

All your potential matches are people you have already crossed paths with, so isn’t it great that you are going to meet someone who has a lot in common with you? This app offers very creative features like if you like a person you have crossed paths with then you can like that person’s profile secretly and they won’t find out unless they like you too, and if you want to take things a step further you can tap on the charm button to let them know that you are interested in them however just like all good things it comes with a price, it costs some coins which you have to buy with real cash by the in-app-purchase feature.

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